LaunchPad MSP-EXP432P401R – Beginning

Well start with the MSP-EXP432P401R

Starting page : Getting Started with MSP432P4x

Product downloads : MSP-EXP432P401R  1_04_00_02



Major issue with CCS 6

Message: CORTEX_M4_0: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1063 @ 0x0) Device ID is not recognized or is not supported by driver. Confirm device and debug probe configuration is correct, or update device driver. (Emulation package

wpid-20151027_031011.jpg wpid-20151027_030954.jpg

This issue can make you spend a lot of time. It was solved there: TI E2E Community

Copy and past the following files into your folder C:\ti\ccsv6\ccs_base\arm\include or edite this file yourself:

  1. msp432p401r.cmd (Changez l’extension du fichier)
  2. msp432_startup_ccs

Make a Factory reset : Look in this TI forum MSP432 LaunchPad: Error connecting to the target since upgrading CCS 6.1

  1. Connect the failing LaunchPad/unit to your PC.
  2. Open CCS, assume you already have at least one MSP432 project open.
  3. Go to View > Target Configuration.
  4. Within Target Configuration navigate to your MSP432 project > the .ccxml file.
  5. Right Click > Launch Configuration
  6. Under Debug window you should now see some tree structure starting with the .ccmxl file being the root > something_CORTEX_M4_something (unknown)
  7. Right Click > Show all hidden cores.
  8. Connect only to the Non-Debuggable Devices > DAP.
  9. Go to Script > Factory Reset.
  10. Power cycle and try to restart debug.

Reboot the debugging of your project

And that’s it!

Pay attention to the cmd file that is already in you project. You may change it too.


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